Welcome to The Latest in Solar Technology.

The Modular Solar Roof System is at the forefront of today’s solar technology. In the near future, unsubsidized “alternative” energy sources will be as cost effective as current energy sources. Technological improvements, like those found in the Modular Solar Roof System, are allowing this near future to be even closer to reality.


#1 Long lasting

The Modular Solar Roof System is made of Ultraviolet rated material that won’t degrade over time. While standard asphalt roofs need to be replaced every 15-20 years, the Modular Solar Roof System never needs replacing. This will save the property owner 10’s of thousands on residential or commercial roofing costs.

#2 Affordable

The Modular Solar Roof System has the potential to create additional income, to a greater extent than traditional roof-mounted solar systems because our system covers the entire roof and not just small area. Once installed, the system will constantly generate power during the day. The property owner can use this energy, store it, or sell it back to a utility company.

The system is also a potential mortgage helper. Income generated from a solar roof could allow a bank to lend more money and in turn allow the property owner to qualify for a larger mortgage.

#3 Efficient

Traditional solar systems are affected by shadowing because all panels in the system share one AC / DC converter. Basically, when a panel is in a shadow, that panel’s efficiency is reduced. Because of the shared converter, ALL panels in that array are similarly affected thus reducing your power generation exponentially.

Each modular tile in the Modular Solar Roof System contains its own AC/DC converter behind the solar cell. This allows each panel to act independently and therefor ONLY panels in the shadow are negatively affected by shadowing. In addition, each panel can be tested individually

#4 Flexible

Installation is far easier and more streamlined than traditional systems. The 12” modular tiles snap together to create a waterproof seal. The gasket beneath each tile is approximately 3/8” thick. This is thicker than a standard roof membrane, which compensates for uneven roof surfaces and provides additional water proofing. The small tile size allows for complete coverage of a roof. Tiles can be installed on any roof grade and even on a wall. Once installed, the panels can be safely walked on. Replacing a tile due to damage or to upgrade when solar technology improves can be done in minutes and is both simple and cost effective.