Finis Energy Recognized as Best Presenting Company in Distributed Power by PROPEL

Finis Energy Recognized as Best Presenting Company in Distributed Power by PROPEL

The PROPEL Energy Tech Forum was created to acknowledge the most innovative emerging and established energy technology companies. Calgary is at the heart of the most innovative work happening in the stewardship of these technological advancements in the global energy resource realm. Our city has been a leader in fostering, commercializing, and integrating new energy technologies based on renewables.

Finis Energy’s Achievement at the Forum

Finis Energy was proud to be awarded the Best Presenting Company award in the Distributed Power stream! We were selected by the advisory in the Distributed Power stream, a new category in 2018. It identifies and awards the companies who are dedicated to more efficient distributed energy production, storage, distribution, and all the associated software (industrial & residential).

This award means a great deal to all those who have spent years committed to our company. We spend an incredible amount of time researching, developing, and implementing big ideas into functional energy options for Calgary and Canada. This recognition is an incredible achievement for our team and incentive for us to push harder to do even more for you.

PROPEL Energy Tech Forum: For Those Who Preserve & Respect Our Resources

Every year, a number of emerging energy technology companies are recognized for their work in the following categories:

  • Environmental technologies focused on monitoring, risk mitigation and resource conservation
  • Energy efficiency and emissions reduction
  • Technologies that improve the economics of conventional oil and gas extraction
  • Pipeline operations and integrity

The Focus for 2018: Sustainable Technology & Resource Stewardship

This year, the showcase put extra emphasis on sustainable technology, energy policy, and stewardship of resources. This spotlight on cleaner technology in the industry is becoming more of a priority for our environment and our major corporations. Within this landscape, four key areas were identified and awarded:

  • Digital Oilfield (automation, IOT, software, imaging, big data, communication technology, cyber security, etc.)
  • Environmental Stewardship and Advanced Materials (Advanced Materials, Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Carbon Capture, Waste, Water, and GHGs)
  • Resource Recovery and Management (extraction and recovery, upgrading and refinement, transportation and pipelines, etc.)
  • Alternative Power Generation (Solar, Wind, Natural Gas, Coal, Hydroelectric, Hydrogen, Biofuel, Tidal, Geothermal, etc.)

To find out more about the PROPEL Energy Tech Forum, click here.